Yunit is an Amsterdam based brand that includes every one and excludes no one. Because we believe people have more similarities than differences. We all have thoughts, feelings and a beating heart. It is all the little things that connect us.


TIMcity aims to capture the energy of a city in a unique graphic design. TIMcity evolves around the urban fabric of the great cities of the world. TIMcity is a brand new urban concept and has a sharp new look on the cities we all know.

Mud jeans

We dream of a world without waste. That’s why we design jeans with recycling in mind. Our jeans are a cross-over between American Vintage, Dutch Design and Scandinavian Minimalism. Lease or buy the jeans. Take them wherever you go, just return them at the end of use. This is how we create our own circle […]


  Made in Holland- 100% ecological cotton


Products with their own identity, their own functionality and their own character. Products that are beautiful, simple and clear. Products that need love and attention.  

Daphny Raes

Daphny Rae Founded in 2011, Daphny Raes is an Amsterdam based bags and accessories brand with a focus on creating contemporary pieces that bring daily happiness to a women’s life.