A Difference in Cusco

Perús Shoes

What’s better than a collaboration between fashion and philanthropy? With Perús Shoes, making a difference around the world is as simple as buying a pair of shoes.

1 Pair = 1 Day of school

(Source: https://www.lilo.org/fr/los-chicos-de-cusco/)

In 2007, Jean Gabriel Cabot visited Peru and fell in love. Near Cusco, he discovered the ASVIN school, a local school dedicated to putting children through school at no cost to their families. An education helps put the children on a good path for their future, and keeps them off the streets.

Upon learning about the ASVIN school, Jean Gabriel Cabot created the NGO Los Chicos de Cusco, to help donate to ASVIN. Today, Los Chicos de Cusco is helping to fund three schools in Cusco, and provides material assistance to five schools. Perús Shoes has donated more than €15 000 to Los Chicos de Cusco, helping finance education for underprivileged children.

(Source: https://www.perus.co/pages/twoshoesforschool)

You can join the movement too!

Armand, Nicolas and Henri, the founders of Perús Shoes, are bringing you authentic Inca patterns and merging it with an urban elegance for shoes you love.

When you shop Perús Shoes, buying one pair of shoes funds a day of school for these children and provides them with essential schooling materials. Not only are Perús Shoes helping children in need, but they also come in many trendy styles and will be your new go to shoes.


You can shop Perús Shoes on our website https://www.depotbrands.com, also check out https://www.perus.co