Our Story : “The joke into a stroke” thanks to 3D Printing.
Who is Jean-Louis Casquette ?

Designed in Paris and produced in New York, Jean-Louis Casquette is the brand new brand of 3D Printed jewelry that is only focusing ALL of its products around the cap. With a very simple but well shaped design, the Caskate is not just an accessory: it is the first ring that will dress any finger in style.

How did everything start ?

Jean-Louis Casquette was born during summer 2014 after an after party in New York. Absurd joke made between two best friends to create a ring that would dress someone, a ring with something special on it. Jean-Baptiste and Louis both had a cap at that time and the idea of the cap ring became pretty obvious. A cap ring? Yes ! And what does Jean-Louis Casquette mean ? Casquette means Cap in French, “Jean-Baptiste”+”Louis” = “Jean-Louis”! Jean-Louis Casquette is now easy to understand!

If you find it hard to wear a cap on every occasion, Jean-Louis Casquette created a jewel that will definitely help you! 3D Printed between Paris and New York and customizable, this cap can be worn on your fingers instead of being placed on the top of your head.
– DAILY ELLE – 9/12/2014