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We believe you can only enjoy life when next generations can enjoy this world too. We make impact by taking the most popular item, a pair of jeans, and produce them in the most sustainable way and recycle them when worn down.

How it all began – the story about MUD Jeans.

As a 23 year old Bert van Son, CEO of MUD Jeans moved to China to work in the textile industry. His 30 years experience in the fashion industry made him see the impact fast fashion has on the environment and its factory workers and made him believe that there is an alternative way.

In 2013 he introduced ‘Lease A Jeans’, an innovative approach to offer guilt-free consumption.

MUD Jeans allows customers to shop guilt free and do good for the environment, while looking fashionable and modern. Therefor the company won several awards, such as the Sustainability Leadership Award and the Peta Vegan Awards.

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“The idea was to make high quality jeans available to everybody, said Bert van Son. We promise to recycle the used jeans.”

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