Discover Trobla

Get ready to be blown away by Trobla: the wooden amplifier that’s designed to optimalize your smartphone’s audio quality. Every single one has been hand-made, resulting in clear, intensified audio, wherever you are. All you need is your smartphone and your Trobla. Whether you’re listening to music, in a conference call or in need of a morning alarm: the acoustic amplifier is a feast for both the eyes and ears. Available in walnut and maple.

Trobla, suitably meaning horn in the Slovenian language, was created in a studio by our dear Slovenian friends. Trobla consists of certified, sustainable wood. We care as much about our planet as you do. That is why made sure Trobla is fully recyclable and not dependent on batteries or electricity. Everywhere you go, you can take your Trobla with you and enjoy the crystal clear sound from your smartphone.

Which Trobla version suits your interior best: maple or walnut?